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    Mookambika temple is an ancient temple located at Kollur in Karnataka. Kollur is about 135 km away from Mangalore and is easily accessed from Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Karnataka by train and road. It is the only temple that is dedicated to goddess Parvathi and believed to be created by Parashurama. This temple is very well known among the people of Tamilnadu and the goddess Parvathi is called in Tamil as Thai Mookambika.

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    Sabarimala Pilgrimage Package..


    Duration: 1 night - 2 days

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    Highlights: Sabarimala is a hindu pilgrimage center located in the western ghats mountain range of Pathanamthitta District, Perunad grama panchayat in Kerala. It is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world with an estimated 45–50 million devotees visiting every year.Sabarimala is believed to be the place where the Hindu God Ayyappan meditated after killing the powerful demoness, Mahishi. Ayyappan\\\'s temple is situated here amidst 18 hills. The temple is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 468 m (1535 ft) above mean sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional and intact temples exist at many places in the surrounding areas like Nilackal, Kalaketi, and Karimala, remnants of old temples survive to this day on remaining hills.

    Sabarimala is linked to Hindu pilgrimage, predominantly for men of all ages. You can identify a Sabarimala pilgrim easily as they wear black, orange, or blue dress.They do not shave till the completion of pilgrimage and smear Vibhuti or Sandal paste on their forehead. Women between the ages of 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the temple, since the story attributed to Ayyappa prohibits the entry of the women in the menstrual age group. This is because Ayyappan is a Bramachari (Celibate). The temple is open for worship only during the days of Mandalapooja (approximately November 15 to December 26), Makaravilakku (January 14- \\\"Makara Sankranti\\\") and Vishu (April 14), and the first six days of each Malayalam month.

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    Plantation valley

    The Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd, the largest Plantation Company in public sector was formed in 1962, by the Government of Kerala with an initial share capital of RS. 750 Lakhs. The purpose of establishing the Plantation Corporation was to accelerate the agro-economic development of Kerala. No efforts have been spared to achieve this purpose in the four decades of its existence.The Plantation Corporation always maintained a very healthy state of affairs in production and human resource management.

    The Corporation enjoyed profits rolling in all through its existence. Extensive estate holdings of the PCK have made it one of the largest plantation owners in the country. From a total 14,020 Ha, as much as 6,458 Ha, are under rubber.




    Harmonious mixing of the project works with the surrounding eco-system is the salient feature of this scheme, which will be a cynosure to the tourists who visit this place. As part of the pilot Farm Tourism Project, the Plantation Corporation perceived to implement the following facilities in the Project Area without disturbing the surrounding eco-system. At present, even the bare minimum facilities are not available to the tourists in Athirappilly and adjacent areas. Only a few small tea shops and make shift vendors are there around the tourist spot.

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    Kadampuzha Devi Temple

    Kadampuzha bhagavathy temple, Kadampuzha (meaning Forest River) temple is a famous temple dedicated to the mother goddess. This place is on the road between Shoranur and Calicut. The nearest railway station is Kuttipuram. One can reach the temple from Guruvayur also.




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